We are based in a small town in the Western-Cape, Wellington. We specialize in pastel inspired clothing and accessories for women. We focus on quality and perfection, but also comfort and style for women of all shapes. We believe that all women should feel beautiful and comfortable in their perfect imperfections.  

So where did it all start?

Buala opened in June 2018.
It took some time to build up a local company. Searching for women with ambition and hard working skills. Choosing suppliers that provides quality fabric and services. Making sure each product are handled with care. We can ensure you that this is not Buala's final destination. We are improving day by day. Taking baby steps to victory.
Our goal is to succeed. To succeed happy costumers, to succeed more than we can ask for and to succeed success. To build a team that's fearless, regardless what life throws at them. To inspire women, to empower women and making them feel comfortable and beautiful at the same time. 
To be unstoppable.

''If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you do good.
And if you do good, you are unstoppable''